Paperless Kitchen Scrubs - Set of 2
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Paperless Kitchen Scrubs - Set of 2

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YOUR FAVORITE CLEANING COMPANION IS HERE! It is called Paperless Kitchen scrubbing cloth, and it will save you a lot of time and money! Spend time getting ready for your night out instead of trying to clean stains off your pans, or your counter top. And when you’re done with our pad, you can easily clean it; put it on the top rack of the dishwasher, or inside the washing machine – just make sure not to put your delicates in there as well!
NO MESS IS MATCH TO A PAPERLESS KITCHEN SCRUB! This amazing scrubbing pad is coated with a non-toxic hardener, which gives it a stiff, strong surface that can get rid of all kinds of stubborn messes. It has the ideal texture for loosening grime that is baked-on, burned-on, or for removing oil and food stains from various kitchen surfaces and appliances! These colorful (each set may come in different colors: blue, red, pink etc.) eco-friendly Paperless Kitchen scrubs can help you a lot!
SAFE FOR SENSITIVE SURFACES! Stop being afraid of scratching your ceramic, glass and other gentle surfaces. Although it is powerful, it is safe for use on virtually any surface; your bathroom sink, your ceramic cooktop, or the bug bits off your windshield; in fact, it can even be used to clean fruits and vegetables!
NOW YOU CLEAN & ALSO BE GREEN! Most scouring pads in the market are not only potentially harmful for many surfaces; they are also mostly made of plastic or metal, aren’t eco-friendly, and many of them contain toxic additives. Why keep on using them, when you can go green with our 100% sustainable, environmentally-friendly, made of cotton fiber Paperless Kitchen scrub?
ZERO-RISK PURCHASE FOR YOU! We at Paperless Kitchen put your satisfaction and loyalty first. We are certain that you will love your new cleaning accessory. However, in the unlikely event that you aren’t completely satisfied, you can send us back any defective product inside its packaging, and will happily give you a replacement or your money back!