Schedule your Vacuum Cleaner Service

Bring your vacuum to service when your vacuum cleaner loses suction or just isn’t performing well. Don’t worry if your vacuum is an off-brand, or whether it’s a cordless, upright, canister or another type. We service and repair all types and models. Our expert service and repair staff will fix the following vacuum issues and more:

  • Weak Suction
  • Clogged or worn roller brush
  • Broken wheels
  • No electric power
  • Broken belt
  • Clogged or split hose
  • Making weird noises
  • Stinky smell (burned motor)
  • Stinky smell (other)
  • Damaged electrical cord, wire or plug
  • Broken joints (upright vacuum won’t stay upright)

So if you are experiencing any of these common problems with your vacuum, bring it to us at Vacuums Unlimited to have it serviced or repaired.